Welcome to Pi Capital

Pi Capital is a London-based membership club that convenes extraordinary events with the world’s most sought-after thinkers.

Our gatherings provide unparalleled access and expand our members’ capacity to achieve success, both personal and professional.

Upcoming Events

Who we are

Pi Capital is a membership club that connects both people and ideas.

We act as a source of information and inspiration for our members, today’s most dynamic and engaging business leaders. Members come together for inspiration, to build connections both within and beyond their areas of work, and to gather information and insight across an ever-expanding range of topics.

What we do

Pi’s core activity is hosting events for our vibrant community.

These are intimate gatherings that enable real interaction between speakers — drawn from the highest echelons of economics, finance, science, technology, arts and culture, government, philanthropy and academia — and members. Some members also choose to participate in investments sourced by Pi.

Pi events

Pi brings to its members an exceptional programme of events throughout the year.

Past speakers include Bill Gates, US Presidents Carter and Clinton, global leaders, several Nobel laureates, star academics, authors, scientists and technologists as well as renowned entrepreneurs and business visionaries. We also host cultural events and offer privileged museum access.

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