Tuesday 30 November 2021


Alexis Ohanian

Founder, Seven Seven Six

DeFi, Crypto, Blockchain and NFTs

In this session, Alexis will discuss DeFi and the role of community in crypto, the NFT surge, the blockchain gaming phenomenon and how Web3 is going to reshape the future of the internet.

Alexis Ohanian

Alexis is a tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist.  He co-founded Reddit out of college, which has become one of the largest websites in the US and is now worth over $10B.  Ohanian has been a longtime champion of crypto and was an early investor in Coinbase.  Now, through his new venture Seven Seven Six, he is invested in companies like QuickNode, a Web3 developer platform which helps you build & operate blockchain-powered applications, Lolli which promotes bitcoin adoption through online shopping rewards, Sorare a global fantasy football game featuring NFT trading cards, and Axie Infinity a gaming platform based on blockchain.