Wednesday 13 January 2016


Eurasia Group’s 2016 Top Risks report

Cliff Kupchan, Chairman of the Eurasia Group

Eurasia Group’s annual Top Risks report identifies the most challenging political and geopolitical trends and stress points for global investors and market participants, as well as a few red herrings-issues that, despite media attention, are unlikely to pose a significant threat or instability in the coming year.

Cliff Kupchan

Cliff Kupchan is Eurasia Group’s Chairman, Practice Head for Eurasia and Iran Director.

He provides top-level analysis and thought leadership on global macro issues. He also covers Russia’s domestic and foreign policy, as well as its energy sector. In addition, he focuses on Iranian nuclear and foreign policy, Iranian domestic politics, and international sanctions on Iran.

Previously, Cliff held a senior position at the State Department, where he served as deputy coordinator of US assistance to Eurasia during the Clinton administration. Before that, Cliff worked for many years for the House International Relations Committee, where he served as the senior foreign policy adviser for Eurasia, North Africa, and foreign assistance.

Cliff holds an AB from Brown University and an MA from Stanford University. He is fluent in Russian.

"This all means a dramatically more fragmented world in 2016 with more intra-, inter-, and extra-state conflict than any point since World War II."

Cliff Kupchan