Thursday 14 September 2017


Margaret Heffernan

Putting the human back into economics

In conjunction with INET (the Institute for New Economic Thinking) we present Margaret Heffernan, entrepreneur, chief executive and celebrated author of Willful Blindness: Why We Ignore the Obvious at Our Peril and A Bigger Prize: Why Competition isn’t Everything and How We Do Better.

If economists are so clever, why are we in such a mess with rising inequality, populist movements upending global relationships and the rise of technology impacting global social stability? Perhaps we have been asking the wrong questions all along.

Heffernan believes that economics is often blind to the range of human experience, with potentially disastrous consequences. She argues that the disconnection of economics from disciplines including psychology, history, and sociology has left it unable to reckon with the disruptions and distortions of the 21st century and asks “How can we ensure economics is up to the task?”

Margaret Heffernan

Margaret was born in Texas, grew up in Holland, and was at educated at Cambridge University. She produced programmes for the BBC for 13 years.  She then moved to the US where she spearheaded multimedia productions for Intuit, The Learning Company and Standard & Poors.

Margaret was Chief Executive of InfoMation Corporation, ZineZone Corporation and then iCast Corporation and was named one of the “Top 25” by Streaming Media magazine and one of the “Top 100 Media Executives” by The Hollywood Reporter

Her TED talks have been seen by over seven million people and in 2015 TED published Beyond Measure: The Big Impact of Small Changes. She is Lead Faculty for the Forward Institute’s Responsible Leadership Programme and mentors CEOs and senior executives of major global organizations.

A Bigger Prize is “meticulously researched…engagingly written…universally relevant and hard to fault.”

The Transmission Prize