Tuesday 9 November 2021


Peter Maurer

President of the International Committee of the Red Cross

Reimaging Humanitarian Action for Tomorrow's World

Peter will be discussing his recent visits to Afghanistan, Myanmar and Syria; and the challenges that the ICRC and other humanitarian actors face as they respond to the ever-growing struggles of communities affected by conflicts around the globe. He will also share his thoughts on the broader effects of the pandemic and the growing climate crisis which are ultimately shaping humanitarian action in the longer term.

Peter Maurer

Peter has been President of the ICRC since July 2012. As the ICRC’s chief diplomat, and through the ICRC’s principled, neutral approach, Peter regularly meets with heads of states and parties to conflict to find solutions to pressing humanitarian concerns.

Prior to the ICRC, as a member of the Swiss diplomatic service, Peter held numerous senior positions in both the US and Switzerland.

In January 2010, he was appointed Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and took over the reins of the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs, with its five directorates and some 150 Swiss diplomatic missions around the world.

“Wars are disrupters, humanitarians are connectors. One of critical jobs of humanitarians is to establish connections among people. The very essence of humanity is bringing people together.”

Peter Maurer