Tuesday 31 March 2020


The decade of scalable AI

Nicolaus Henke, chair of QuantumBlack

Over the past ten years, AI has evolved from little more than a boardroom buzzword into one of humanity’s most influential technologies, guiding decisions in government, corporate leadership and throughout our daily lives.

Yet despite recent fanfare, the global AI landscape remains some way from full maturity. Today’s organisations are presented with a variety of AI point solutions and pilots, but often struggle to scale successful programmes across their wider enterprise. How can organisations distinguish between hype and reality? How should firms navigate the artificial intelligence era? And what shape will this technology take in the coming years as businesses seek to leverage competitive advantage by scaling AI in the enterprise?

Nicolaus Henke

Nico is senior partner and chairman of QuantumBlack, McKinsey’s advanced analytics and artificial intelligence firm. He chairs McKinsey’s Technology Council and previously led McKinsey’s worldwide digital and analytics practices, helping to found and scale McKinsey Analytics.

He holds master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Münster and was a John J. McCloy Scholar at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

This event is part of our ongoing partnership with QuantumBlack around artificial intelligence.