Wednesday 3 July 2019


Adolescence (and how to survive it)

Tony Little, former Head Master of Eton

There is a crisis emerging in the lives of 21st century young people, their parents, peers and teachers. The complex experiences of adolescents with permanent access to technology, growing psychological pressures and increasing competition for grades (and eventually jobs) mean that this generation of teenagers are beset by a range of problems never encountered by their predecessors.

In his newly published book, written with child psychologist Herb Ekin, Tony Little describes and confronts these issues and shares his wisdom about how to address them.

Tony Little

Tony was Head Master of Eton College between 2002 and 2015 and formerly head of Oakham and Chigwell schools. Since 2015 he has worked extensively with schools around the world.

He is the author of An Intelligent Person’s Guide to Education.

"Little's 10 top tips for dealing with adolescents are alone worth the cover price."

Sunday Times