Thursday 14 March 2019


Amy Edmondson

Creating psychological safety in the workplace for learning, innovation and growth

According to a 2017 Gallup poll, only three in ten employees, believe their opinions count at work. Even if a company hires creative individuals, innovative ideas will never have a chance unless people are encouraged to speak out without fear of being discounted or demeaned.

Drawing on 20 years of research and field work, Amy Edmondson sheds light on the crucial workplace factor of psychological safety: what it is (and isn’t); how it affects employee performance in wide-ranging organizations at every level; and what business leaders need to do to build it—and get it back when it’s lost.

Amy Edmondson

Amy is the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School. Her fifth and most recent book is The Fearless Organization.

Her contributions to management research have been recognized with the 2018 Sumantra Ghoshal Award for Rigor and Relevance in the Study of Management and the 2017 Thinkers50 Talent Award, among other honors.

She received her PhD in organizational behavior, her Master’s in psychology, and her Bachelor’s in engineering and design from Harvard University.

“The Fearless Organization is a modern masterpiece — useful, timeless, and a delight to read. Amy Edmondson's weave of studies, stories, and insights from her decades of research shows why psychological safety is the key ingredient for creating high-performing, humane, and resilient workplaces.”

Robert Sutton, Stanford