Wednesday 17 March 2021


Chris Wigley

CEO of Genomics England

Genomics and the future of healthcare

The work of Genomics England will transform our understanding of the human body, enabling new approaches to healthcare and a better medical outcome for all. No one is better equipped to walk us through these advances than Chris.

Chris Wigley

Chris Wigley is the CEO of Genomics England, which exists to push insights from cutting edge genomics data analytics into routine medical care. As the national steward of 40 petabytes of human genome data from 100,000 volunteers, and a unique partnership with the NHS, Genomics England’s goal is to improve patient outcomes while lowering the cost of healthcare provision. Through the COVID crisis Chris was seconded as Senior Responsible Officer for Data to NHSX, and Genomics England launched a major research programme into the genomic drivers of severity of response to COVID.

Chris was previously COO at QuantumBlack, a bespoke Machine Learning and AI technology company, and a Partner at McKinsey working on technology strategy topics. He is a trustee of the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, and on the Advisory Board of deep-tech VC Entrepreneur First. He previously worked for the UK Foreign Office, establishing and leading analytical work at the Counter Terrorism Policy Department to counter chemical, biological and nuclear terror threats. Chris lives in London with his wife Tara and their three children.

'Today, Genomics England’s partnership with the NHS is leading the world in bringing cutting-edge genomics research and analytics into daily medical care to benefit people across the UK and beyond.'

Chris Wigley