Tuesday 19 October 2021


David Mahon

Executive Chairman of Mahon China Investment Management Ltd.

What is really happening in China

Neither a ‘panda hugger’ nor a ‘panda mugger’, David goes beneath the headlines with an objective, authentic, on the ground view of China, a far cry from the shrill tone of the western media.

Based in Beijing, he has advised multinationals and small/medium enterprises on their China strategies for over thirty years.

David Mahon

Born in New Zealand, David has lived in Beijing for the last 35 years and is the founder and Executive Chairman of Mahon China Investment Management Limited. Mahon China has managed five private equity funds, assisted multinationals to acquire assets in China, and worked as strategic advisor to boards in a number of industries. Mahon China currently manages stressed assets for European private equity firms and commercial banks and assists foreign companies develop strategies to enter China.