Wednesday 13 October 2021


Tyler Brûlé

Journalist, Entrepreneur, Magazine Publisher

Independent Media

Curious, worldly and discerning, Tyler is an insider who loves to go outside. He starts conversations, he listens, he turns mindsets into action. Tyler will be sharing his vision and reflecting on 15 years of independent media.

Tyler Brûlé

Tyler Brûlé is a Canadian-born, Zürich-based journalist and media owner. He started his career in broadcasting as a reporter with the BBC in 1989 and held various producer and presenter posts with ABC News, Sky News and Channel 9 Australia. In the 1990s he shifted his focus to foreign and social affairs reportage, contributing to Vanity Fair, The Sunday Times, Stern and The Observer, and reporting from Lebanon, West Africa, the Gulf and across Europe. In 1994, Brûlé was shot and injured while reporting in Afghanistan and after some six months in recovery he returned to the field.

In 1996 he created and launched Wallpaper* magazine as a private venture and shortly afterwards sold it to Time Warner. Brûlé edited Wallpaper* for six years and became the youngest editor to pick up the lifetime achievement award from the British Society of Magazine Editors. In 1998 he launched branding and design agency Winkreative and has also created or relaunched brands including Swiss International Airlines, Air Canada, Moncler, Lexus Intersect and Porter Airlines. In media he has worked on new launches for the NZZ, FAZ, Sky News and Corriere delle Sera. In 2007, Brûlé brought Monocle to newsstands, screens and audio devices around the world.

He is currently the editorial director and chairman of a Swiss-based family holding that now comprises Monocle, Konfekt, the M24 radio station, a book imprint, a retail and café division and Winkreative.