Wednesday 8 May 2019


Claiming your identity in the surveillance state

David Shrier - futurist, author, entrepreneur

Consumers have unwittingly given over their personal information to an array of private sector aggregators such as Facebook and credit rating agency, Experian. The vulnerabilities this has created have shifted the course of western democracy.  But new movements are arising to let people reclaim control of their personal data.  What does this potential future look like?  What are the possibilities it contains?

David Shrier

David is a globally recognized authority on financial innovation, and one of the foremost thinkers in new models of digital privacy and personal data governance.

His book Trust::Data, which he published with Thomas Hardjono and Alex “Sandy” Pentland, is viewed as a seminal work in self-sovereign digital identity and privacy.

In his thought leadership efforts with MIT and the University of Oxford, he often advocates on ethics of data science and the uses of artificial intelligence for humanitarian good. He is the CEO of Distilled Identity, an AI biometrics software company, and works with several private companies and governments on AI and fintech.

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David holds a triple appointment as an Associate Fellow at Oxford's Said Business School, Lecturer & Futurist at MIT, and Fellow with the Payne Institute at the Colorado School of Mines.