Tuesday 24 September 2019


Facial recognition part 1: technology and use cases

Allan Ponniah of Facesoft

Stories about facial recognition, and what this means for society, are appearing everywhere these days.

Join us for a breakfast with the founder and CEO of Facesoft, one of the most advanced facial recognition companies in the world, to learn about where we are with the technology. What is technologically possible? What might be possible in the future? And what are the use cases?

Allan Ponniah

Allan is CEO and co-founder of Facesoft. He is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with over 10 years in global 3D face research.

Back in 2012 he reached out to Stefanos Zafeiriou, Reader in Machine Learning and Computer Vision at Imperial College. With Allan’s entrepreneurial spirit and Stefanos’ computer vision expertise, they created software for use in surgery for children born with facial deformities.

Facesoft was founded in 2017. Its algorithm won the National Institute of Standards & Technology Face Recognition Vendor Test in the ‘Wild’ category.

Facesoft is a leader in face recognition, emotion, age and gender detection. Its technology is currently used within the security market. Its 2D to 3D face reconstruction system is used in VR/gaming as well as to improve the visitor learning experience in museums.