Evening talk

Wednesday 13 July 2016


Pi Junior: Hacking session

In conjunction with Decoded

At Pi we are always looking for ways to enhance our members’ experience. To this end we are piloting a new series of events, targeted at members together with their teenage children (13-18).

We are incredibly excited to announce that for our first pilot event we are hosting a Hacker Session with Decoded, the World’s Leading Technology Educator. Teenagers will compete versus adults to win challenges including hacking a bank and cracking ciphers. We will explore how real businesses and individuals have become vulnerable to cyber attacks and you will get hands-on with the actual tools used by hackers and security professionals.


Decoded have been educating leaders across the world of business, demonstrating hands on how some of the most infamous hacks have been implemented. For the first time you and your kids can get the same insight into the world of hacking: begin to understand whether hacking is a destructive set of skills held in the hands of the few – the rogue teenage black hat hacker – or a neutral set of tools, skills and techniques – and most importantly a mindset – that all leaders in business must embrace to thrive in the 21st century.

Decoded passionately believe that education is the route to empowerment, that technology is for everyone and that any dark art can and should be demystified.