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Wednesday 9 December 2020


Jim Mellon

Entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist

The future of food is being developed in labs across the world – it will be cleaner, safer, more ethical and, importantly, will soon be cheaper. Once price parity with conventional meats is reached, there will be no turning back - this is Moo’s Law

Jim Mellon has a vision that within the next couple of decades world agriculture will be radically transformed by the advent of technological innovations for the creation of cultivated and plant-based proteins. His book grounds the reader in why such an advancement is absolutely necessary and informs them of the investments they could make to become part of the New Agricultural Revolution themselves. The harrowing effects on our environment, animal cruelty in food and fashion, and the struggling ability to feed the world’s ever growing population gives us no choice but to grow meat in labs or derive our proteins from plant-based sources.

Jim Mellon

Jim’s investment philosophy is underpinned by careful analysis of new industries or major shifts in markets. This includes the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, as foreseen in the first book Jim co-authored entitled Wake Up!, and subsequently in the book Juvenescence which marked the beginning of a rush of capital into the nascent field of ageing research. His new book Moo’s Law, published 7th Dec 2020, focusses on investment opportunities in the fields of alternative proteins with an emphasis on cellular agriculture.

Jim sits on the Board of Trustees of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, and of the American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR). He is also a trustee of Biogerontology Research Foundation and is an Honorary Fellow of Oriel College at the University of Oxford, where he has established the Mellon Centre for Longevity, and Jim also sits on the Advisory Board of the Milken Institute’s Centre for the Future of Aging.