Thursday 6 June 2019


John Browne

Make, think, imagine

Today’s unprecedented pace of change leaves many people wondering what new technologies are doing to our lives. Has social media robbed us of our privacy and fed us with false information? Will we all be terrorised by autonomous drones that can identify and kill us, one by one? And has our demand for energy driven the Earth’s climate to the edge of catastrophe?

In his latest book, John Browne argues that we need not and must not put the brakes on technological advance. Civilisation is founded on engineering innovation; all progress stems from the human urge to make things and to shape the world around us, resulting in greater freedom, health and wealth for all. He argues compellingly that the same spark that triggers each innovation can be used to counter its negative consequences.

John Browne (The Lord Browne of Madingley)

John trained as an engineer and was CEO of BP from 1995 to 2007. He is Chairman of the Crick Institute, a Fellow of the Royal Society, past President of the Royal Academy of Engineering and former Chairman of Tate. He is a collector of antique books and art and the author of four previous titles, including The Glass Closet.

picture by Wolfgang Tillmans

An impassioned defence of progress and innovation and an argument for social responsibility, "Make, Think, Imagine" provides an eloquent blueprint for how we can keep moving towards a brighter future.