Thursday 13 December 2018


Max Kelly

Co-founder and CEO of elite cyber security firm, [redacted]

Hacking is not a victimless crime. [redacted] relentlessly pursues the perpetrators and holds them personally accountable.

A hand-picked team of the world’s elite cyber security talent from both the private and the public sector, [redacted] fuses highly-specialised intelligence skills with technical acumen, enabling them to uniquely connect the dots and protect their clients.

Max Kelly

Max is co-founder and CEO at [redacted].

Max returned to the private sector from public service in the Tailored Access Operations organisation of the National Security Agency and US Cyber Command. Prior to this he was Chief Security Officer at Facebook from 2005-2010.

Earlier in his career Max served at the FBI, at Ticketmaster Online and at Thomson Financial Services as well as at the US Digital Service out of the Executive Office of the US President.

Max was previously responsible for all aspects of Facebook security. In 2008, his team successfully investigated, prosecuted and won the largest ever anti-spam judgement.