Thursday 20 January 2022


Michael Ignatieff

Writer, Historian, Politician

Finding Solace in Dark Times, in collaboration with How to Academy

Michael reflects upon a philosophical question touching each of our lives: how do we console one other and ourselves in an age of unbelief? When we lose someone we love, when we suffer loss or defeat, when catastrophe strikes – war, famine, pandemic – we go in search of consolation. In exploring this essential idea, Ignatieff shows how men and women in extremity have looked to each other across time to recover hope and resilience.

Michael Ignatieff

Michael Ignatieff is a writer, historian and former politician. He has taught at Cambridge, Oxford, the University of Toronto and Harvard and is currently President and Rector at Central European University in Vienna. His books, which have been translated into twelve languages, include Blood and Belonging, Isaiah Berlin: a life, The Needs of Strangers, The Russian Album and The Ordinary Virtues.

'An extraordinary meditation on loss and mortality.’

Rory Stewart, author of The Places in Between