Thursday 27 May 2021


Oliver Kamm

Leader writer and columnist for The Times

The Art and Science of Overcoming Clinical Depression

Oliver has written extensively about mental illness, most recently in the context of Covid. His book, Mending the Mind, recounts what it’s like to be mentally ill with severe depression, and how, with professional help, he was able to make a full recovery. In conversation with Diana Fox Carney, he explains the progress of science in understanding depression, and the insights into the condition that have been provided by writers and artists through the ages. His message is hopeful: though depression is a real and devastating illness, the mind and its disorders are yielding to scientific inquiry, and effective psychological, psychiatric and pharmacological treatments are already available.

Oliver Kamm

Oliver is a leader writer and columnist for The Times. He joined in 2008 after a career of more than 20 years in the City as an economist and investment strategist. He writes a twice-weekly economics column and a weekly column on language, as well being the newspaper’s principal leader writer on economics and international affairs.

'A tour de force that is not just personal, but looks at depression through science, art, literature and history. The combination makes it an important, affecting and effective book.'

Alastair Campbell, in praise of Mending the Mind