Tuesday 1 October 2019


War in the digital age

General Sir Richard Barrons

General Sir Richard Barrons will talk about how digital technologies are changing the way in which states confront and conflict with each other. This is happening both in the physical arena of war, with new types of military hardware, and in the cognitive arena where cyber attacks and fake news are being deployed to great effect.

Citizens, enterprises and institutions are as much as governments and armed forces at the front line of this new field of combat. Homelands and the daily way of life of millions are the target once more, at the speed of missiles and the click of a mouse.

General Sir Richard Barrons

General Sir Richard Barrons served as Commander Joint Forces Command, one of the six ‘Chiefs of Staff’ leading the UK Armed Forces, 2013-2016. His military career included the last decade of the Cold War and leadership from Captain to General on military operations in Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan – often as part of US-led coalitions and in NATO.

His portfolio today includes Managing Partner of Wychwood Partners, which provides Board-level geo-strategic insight and advice on cyber risk and digital innovation, and Co-Chairman of Universal Defence and Security Solutions. He is a Distinguished Fellow at RUSI, and a Visiting Senior Fellow at LSE IDEAS.

As Commander Joint Forces Command, General Barrons was responsible for 23,000 people worldwide and a budget of £4.3Bn, delivering intelligence, Special Forces, operational command and control, surveillance, reconnaissance and information systems and communications, operational logistics, medical support, and advanced education and training across the armed forces.