Evening talk

Wednesday 2 October 2019


State of the art on nutritional advice

Sarah Carolides

Genetics. Exercise. Microbiome. Epigenetics. The environment. Allergies. Intolerance. Fads.

We are constantly bombarded with advice on nutrition – which is, amongst other things, one of the most socially important parts of our lives. Where is the science at on this topic? How much of our wellbeing and longevity is determined by what we eat and how personalised should – or could – our diets become?

Join Pi member, Sarah Carolides, to find out more.

Sarah Carolides

Sarah Carolides graduated in Natural Sciences from Cambridge, specialising in biochemistry and zoology. She worked in the biology research departments of both McGill University and the University of the West Indies (Barbados) lecturing in genetics and marine biology.

Returning to London, she spent several years in the City working for Bankers Trust and UBS where she learned first-hand about the damage that stress and poor lifestyle can wreak on your health. Returning to her first love of biology, she retrained as a nutritional therapist with the Institute of Optimum Nutrition, and worked as a researcher with Patrick Holford on his book, Optimum Nutrition of the Mind (2003).

She has worked for the past 20 years as a nutritional therapist with some of London’s top general practitioners, exercise specialists, medical consultants and aesthetic doctors and sits on the advisory board of Peak Health. She currently holds clinics at Beyond Medispa in Harvey Nichols and in Wimbledon as well as Third Space Medical.

Sarah passionately believes in an integrated approach to healthcare and in empowering the client to take as much control as possible over their own health.