Tuesday 23 March 2021


Shai Weiss

CEO of Virgin Atlantic Ltd

The future of travel

Following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global economy, Shai led Virgin Atlantic through the crisis and delivered the privately funded, solvent recapitalisation of the airline and holiday business in September 2020. With the Covid-19 crisis continuing, Shai will be talking to John Arlidge about resilience and the future of the travel industry.

Shai Weiss

Shai is Chief Executive Officer at Virgin Atlantic and an Executive Director of the Virgin Atlantic board.

Shai joined Virgin Atlantic as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in July 2014 from Virgin Management Ltd, where he had been an Investment Partner since 2012 and was a Founding Partner of Virgin Green Fund. In January 2017 Shai assumed the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer responsible for shaping the airline’s strategic position in the market before being made CEO in January 2019.

Prior to joining Virgin Group, he held several senior management positions at ntl:Telewest (now Virgin Media), the UK and Europe’s largest cable operator. Before that, Shai established the European office of early-stage technology venture fund JVP and was a senior associate with Morgan Stanley.

Shai also serves as a non-executive director of Checkpoint Software Technologies (NASDQ: CHKP), a leading provider of cyber security solutions to governments and corporate enterprises globally.

He holds an MBA from Columbia University in New York and a BBA from City University of New York, Baruch College.