Tuesday 28 September 2021


Sir Adrian Smith

President of The Royal Society, Institute Director and Chief Executive of the Alan Turing Institute

UK as a Science Superpower Post Brexit?

Adrian will address issues relating to the scientific community in the aftermath of Brexit. Can we fulfil our potential as a ‘science superpower’ as Boris Johnson predicts? Will the government make up for lost EU science funding? Will top scientists will be drawn to top ranking UK universities regardless? Or will talented Europeans decide that if they are going to travel they might as well go to the US, now that the UK has erected barriers? And could immigration restrictions have the same effect on Asian undergraduates?

Sir Adrian Smith

Adrian is President of the Royal Society and a mathematician with particular expertise in the field of Bayesian statistics. This widely applicable branch of mathematics represents uncertainties in the form of probabilities, which are then modified through the mechanism of Bayes theorem as new information becomes available.

Adrian’s comprehensive monographs on diverse areas of Bayesian statistics have had a major impact on statistical practice in a wide range of disciplines and application areas.

He has been awarded the Royal Statistical Society’s Guy Medals in Bronze, Silver and Gold and served from 1995 to 1997 as its President. In the 2011 New Year Honours list, he was awarded the title of Knight Bachelor.