Tuesday 4 February 2020


Safe, self-driving technology for Europe

Stan Boland, FiveAI

Europe’s cities are diverse, and it’s these differences that make them. Think narrow, curving roads, historic street plans, parked cars, cyclists, pedestrians, unpredictable weather and unique, localised behaviours – it’s a complex picture. How do we build safe self-driving systems for these environments?

Inspired by the rigour and techniques of the wireless chip industry, FiveAI is seeking to solve the self-driving safety problem both quickly and capital-efficiently, bringing the many benefits of autonomous vehicles – speed, safety, accessibility and ‘greenness’ – within our grasp.

Stan Boland

Stan is a co-Founder and CEO at FiveAI.

He was previously co-founder and CEO of two of the UK’s most successful venture-backed communications silicon and software companies, Element 14 and Icera, bought by Broadcom and NVIDIA respectively for an aggregate value of over $1 billion. Prior to that, he was CEO at Acorn and a board member of ARM.

"Self-driving systems are mighty complex — and the real world they must interact with is infinitely so — which makes the problem both super interesting and super high value to solve."

Stan Boland