Wednesday 9 June 2021


Amanda Feilding

Founder of the Beckley Foundation


Since its creation by Amanda Feilding in 1998, the Beckley Foundation has been at the forefront of global drug policy reform and scientific research into psychoactive substances. Amanda joins us to tell us more about the collaborations with leading scientific and political institutions worldwide to design and develop ground-breaking research and global policy initiatives.

Amanda Feilding

Amanda set up the Beckley Foundation in 1998 having realised that the potential harms and benefits of cannabis and psychedelics could only be adequately assessed by developing a sound scientific understanding of their mechanisms of action. Through the Foundation, she set about using cutting-edge brain imaging technologies to examine the neurophysiological changes underlying altered states of consciousness.

Her long-held aim is to further our understanding of consciousness and how changes in cerebral circulation and neuronal activity underlie the effects of various psychoactive substances, so that we can better harness their potential to improve the human condition.

Amanda has also recently co-founded three new ethical and mission-aligned Beckley organizations – Beckley Canopy Therapeutics (sold to Canopy Growth in 2019), Beckley Psytech (est. 2019), and now Beckley Waves (est. 2021) – in order to integrate psychoactive substances into society as safe and effective tools to treat a broad range of health conditions, and to enhance wellbeing, human resilience, creativity and spirituality.