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Tuesday 15 September 2020


Ian Goldin

Professor of Globalisation and Development, Oxford University

Terra Incognita: Decision making in a time of turmoil

In conversation with Sophie Hackford, Ian will be drawing on themes from his new book Terra Incognita: 100 Maps to Survive the Next 100 Years and his BBC Series, The Pandemic That Changed The World, to provide perspectives on global change to enable leaders to navigate in an increasingly uncertain world.

Ian Goldin

Ian Goldin is Professor of Globalisation and Development at Oxford University, Professorial Fellow at Balliol College, Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Technological and Economic Change and founding Director of the Oxford Martin School. Ian previously was Vice President of the World Bank and the Group’s Director of Policy, after serving as Chief Executive of the Development Bank of Southern Africa and Economic Advisor to President Nelson Mandela. Ian has served as Principal Economist at the EBRD and the Director of the Trade and Sustainable Growth Programmes at the OECD.

He has a MSc from the London School of Economics, and an MA and DPhil from the University of Oxford.

Sophie Hackford

Sophie Hackford is a futurist. She looks at how technologies change how we live, work, transact, love, by weaving together complex developments in quantum computing, AI, data, asteroid mining or virtual reality.

She co-founded 1715 Labs: a spinout from Oxford University’s Astrophysics Department, labelling data to train algorithms and is on the board of two growth-stage startups.

Sophie previously worked at WIRED Magazine, at Singularity University on the NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley, and Oxford University where she raised $120m for frontier-bending research.

"A riveting account of humanity’s most pressing challenges and innovative solutions"

Steven Pinker