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Thursday 17 September 2020


Tina Fordham, Partner & Head of Global Political Strategy at Avonhurst

Global Political Risks in the New Era

Tina will be sharing her extensive knowledge and analysis of today’s global political risks in the light of protests, populism, nationalism and more.

Tina Fordham

Tina is a pioneer in the field of trend-spotting and macro political and socio-economic analysis for financial markets. She founded Eurasia Group’s financial markets research business in 1999 and led the creation of the first political stability index on Wall Street. Tina then spent 17 years at Citi, where she became Chief Global Political Analyst, advising institutional investors and corporate boards.

In 2020 Fordham joined Avonhurst, a boutique political and legal advisory firm serving sophisticated capital clients, where she continues to provide strategic advice on political risks that can impact markets.