Wednesday 29 January 2020


The promise of quantum computing (and how we’re going to get there)

Jeremy O'Brien, PsiQuantum

PsiQuantum is at the forefront of quantum technology. The company was founded by the world’s four leading exponents of photonic quantum computing and is backed by some of Silicon Valley’s top VC firms and most accomplished individuals.

Unlike matter-based approaches to quantum computing, which must invent a way to make their quantum schemes scalable, PsiQuantum’s silicon photonic approach leverages an existing scalable process and makes it quantum. This technology puts PsiQuantum on pace to deliver a world-changing machine and quantum computing as a service (QCaaS) within the next few years.

Having already signed one of the world’s top semiconductor foundries as a production partner, the company is now working with marquee customers to transform the healthcare, energy, automotive, aerospace, high tech, and finance industries.

Jeremy O'Brien

Jeremy is Co-founder and CEO of PsiQuantum. Prior to founding the company, he was Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering at Stanford and Bristol Universities, and Director of the Centre for Quantum Photonics.

He has spent more than 20 years working towards scalable quantum computing, including: micro-, nano- and atomic-scale design, fabrication and operation of superconducting and semiconductor devices; design, construction and operation of cryogenic and ultra-high vacuum systems; design, construction and application of low-noise electrical measurement to organic-, super- and semi-conductor (nano)structures; and the theory of quantum computing.

PsiQuantum is building a large-scale general-purpose silicon photonic quantum computer to solve the many important problems that will forever be beyond the capabilities of any conventional computer.