Wednesday 20 November 2019


Is British politics doomed to be awful?

Philip Collins, journalist, author and political commentator

The main political parties in the UK are pulling apart, adopting ever more extreme positions. As a result, large swathes of the population feel that they have lost their political ‘home.’ This, coupled with anti-democratic forces in the world at large – for example, the power of technology to micro-target voters and spread falsehoods – has led to extreme dysfunction within the political system and even greater disillusion with politics in the population.

How can we get back the political systems that we undoubtedly need to enable us to face up to the threats and challenges so evident in today’s world?

Philip Collins

Phil is a columnist on The Times and the writer-in-chief at the rhetoric consultancy The Draft. He was the chief speech writer to Prime Minister Tony Blair between 2004 and 2007.

He is the author of When They Go Low, We Go High, an anthology of great speeches, and Start Again, an account of where British politics went wrong.

"Phil Collins is the best political commentator in Britain. 'Start Again' gives him a bigger canvas to show what’s wrong and what Britain could be."

Michael Burleigh, author of 'The Best of Times, the Worst of Times'