Thursday 12 September 2019


How to accelerate the transition to sustainable foods

Roger Lienhard of Blue Horizon

An exponentially growing population and changing food habits in Asia are pushing meat consumption to ever more unsustainable levels. Today, the CO2 emissions of animal agriculture have surpassed the negative impact of all global transportation vehicles combined.

Blue Horizon is at the forefront of efforts to shift society toward more sustainable solutions in food and agriculture by scaling animal-free food options. As an early investor in the future of food space, Roger has created a diverse portfolio of more than 30 game changing companies including Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods and Matthew Kenney Cuisine.

Roger Lienhard

Roger is a serial entrepreneur, business incubator and philanthropist, who has founded and sold companies across IT, advertising and online marketing.

Through the Blue Horizon International Foundation, Roger has also incubated the vision of Farm Transformers, a growing initiative which creates a financially secure path for farmers to transition away from animal farming, to more sustainable plant proteins – from meat/milk to plants.


Roger is a frequent speaker at global mission-driven and investment conferences worldwide, where he is passionate about sharing his vision and strategy.