Monday 19 April 2021


Shaun Bailey

Conservative candidate in the 2021 mayoral elections

A Fresh Start for London

Shaun has spent the last four years as an Assembly Member in the Greater London Authority. And he’s seen how politicians are failing Londoners. Knife crime has hit record highs, good homes are more unaffordable than ever, our transport network is congested and the cost of living keeps rising.

Shaun is standing for Mayor to give London a fresh start. He’ll work with every resident in every community to build a safer, fairer, more affordable city. In this event he tells us how he plans to achieve this.

Shaun Bailey

Shaun was born in a council house and raised by a single mum. He spent part of his twenties homeless. Now he’s the Conservative Party’s candidate for Mayor of London.

So it’s fair to say he’s not a typical politician — and he didn’t come to politics the typical way. Shaun spent twenty years as a youth worker, getting kids out of crime and into work. He was threatened with machetes and attacks. But he stuck it out and helped countless young people escape crime and make something of themselves.

His youth work brought him to the attention of Prime Minister David Cameron, who asked Shaun to join the team in Downing Street. He was appointed senior adviser on youth and crime, tasked with improving the life chances of young people.

During his time in government, Shaun helped to deliver the National Citizen Service, the largest youth programme in British history. And he helped to expand access to the Army Cadets, a programme that helped Shaun stay on the straight and narrow in his teenage years. As a result of this work, Shaun was appointed an Honorary Colonel of the Cadets for the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.