Wednesday 6 October 2021


Soma Sara

Founder of 'Everyone's Invited'

Rape Culture

Everyone’s Invited is a space created for survivors of rape culture to share their stories. Since the 8th of March 2021, over 16,000 anonymous testimonies have been submitted and shared on Everyone’s Invited, sparking a conversation about rape culture with millions of people. Soma joins us to share her hopes that this conversation will help lead to the global exposure and eradication of rape culture.

Soma Sara

Soma’s experience of rape culture began in her early teenage years. Conversations with friends throughout her time at school and university began to reveal to her just how widespread the issue is. While finishing her English degree at UCL, she began sharing her experiences of rape culture on Instagram. In light of the overwhelming response from those that resonated with her story Soma founded Everyone’s Invited in June 2020.