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Monday 23 November 2020


Talia Lavin

Freelance writer

Exposing the Dark Web of White Supremacy: a deep and terrifying dive into the world online extremists and hate-mongers.

Talia Lavin is every fascist’s worst nightmare: a loud and unapologetic young Jewish woman, with the online investigative know-how to expose the tactics and ideologies of online hate-mongers. Outspoken and uncompromising, Talia uncovers the hidden corners of the web where extremists hang out, from white nationalists and incels to national socialists and Proud Boys.

Talia Lavin

Talia is a freelance writer living in New York.

'One of the marvels of this furious book is how insolent and funny Lavin is; she refuses to soft-pedal the monstrous views she encounters.'

The New York Times